We are glad that you took the time to visit our site and check out our range of services. We appreciate your interest in our services. We understand your concern regarding how we collect your information when you visit our site and we want to make you feel comfortable with the way we handle all data. We are committed to ensuring that all personal data collected is done in accordance with the privacy laws laid down in our country.

The policy covers the following:

  • The kind of personal data we collect and hold
  • How we collect personal data
  • How personal information is stored and secured
  • The purpose for which personal data can be collected, used, or disclosed
  • Any direct marketing that the company may engage in and your right to anonymity
  • How you may access your personal data with us and make changes to any errors in the information held
  • Introduction

    Our privacy policy has been provided to offer a clear but concise outline of how personal data is collected, stored, used, and disclosed. The policy relates to all kinds of personal information collected via any technology and by any means. At Skip Bins Hire, we take the handling of personal information very seriously and thus have systems in place to protect your data and privacy at all costs. We are duty-bound to handle information responsibly. We strive to abide by all appropriate privacy laws laid down pertaining to the collection, use, and disclosure of your data.

    Collection of personal information

    1.Personal information refers to any and all information collected by which the identity of an individual can be reasonably ascertained. Such data usually includes the individual’s name and contact details, including address and email. 2.We collect certain other types of personal data from time to time such as credit card details and driver’s license details, however, we inform the individual upon collecting such information and also state the purpose behind the step. 3.At Skip Bins Hire, we do not collect personal information unless it is absolutely necessary for the smooth functioning of one or more functions. However, we do realise that personal information can be sensitive and thus collect only with your consent or when authorised by law. 4.We take the necessary steps to destroy all personal information collected when those are no longer needed for the smooth functioning of activities. 5.We would collect personal information directly from you whenever it is practical and reasonable to do. This can either be done over the phone or email or when you share your contact details or when you submit a resume. 6.There may be instances when Skip Bins Hire may source data from third parties for promotions. 7.We may monitor and record your communication with Skip Bins Hire for security, training, offering quality processes, and quick dispute resolution.

    Use and disclosure of personal data

    1.Personal information shared with Skip Bins Hire can be shared with our other associated companies. 2.The company bears the right to share your personal information for the same purpose for which the data was initially collected. 3.We use and disclose personal information for different reasons such as internal auditing, safety, security, insurance, administration, improving services, conducting workplace research, addressing complaints, protecting our lawful interests, and verifying identity. 4.Skip Bins Hire may use or disclose personal data with implied or express consent from your end or where it is – a.Required to investigate an unlawful activity b.Required by an enforcement body to investigate some other issue c.Necessary to prevent an imminent threat to someone’s life or their safety d.Otherwise required or authorised by the state’s law 5.We may not be able to provide our range of services without necessary personal information such as not being able to reach out to you or collect payment. We depend on third-party suppliers for insurance, equipment, engineering, telecommunications, legal accounting, business consulting, audit, data processing and analysis, and more. While some of your data may have to be provided to such third-party vendors to smoothen the process, we make sure that the supplier handles the data in accordance with the law of the land and follows confidentiality principles. 6.Skip Bins Hire aims to co-operate with government agencies and may disclose personal information of individuals as and when needed or when a reasonable request is made on behalf of any such agency.

    Personal information quality

    At Skip Bins Hire, we make sure that all info collected from our end is complete and up-to-date. To further help us in our endeavour to help you even better, feel free to contact us if any of your details need to be changed. Moreover, you may also connect with us in case you find that the information we have on you isn’t accurate or complete.

    Personal information security

    1.Skip Bins Hire is committed to keeping your personal data secure. We will take all reasonable precautions to protect your data from loss, misuse, or interference from unauthorised access, alteration, or disclosure. 2.Your personal information may well be stored in hard copy format or electronically depending on our software capability. 3.We maintain security over our electronic and paper data storage. We maintain network security and offer restricted access to office staff to wherever your data is stored.

    Access to personal information

    1.You may request to see the personal information that we hold on you. 2.All requests to access personal information that we hold on you should be made in writing or through email. We will acknowledge the same within 14 days and permission for the same would be granted within those 14 days. However, for complicated cases, this may take up to 30 days’ time. 3.You will be asked to verify your identity before being handed over the data. 4.Depending on the circumstances, you may either be forwarded the details over email or may even be given an opportunity to inspect the data/ records personally at the appropriate place. 5.You will be allowed to make changes to the data wherever it’s not accurate. 6.In some cases, your request to access personal information may not be entertained. This happens when: a.Access to such data may pose a threat to someone’s safety b.Providing such details may have an adverse impact on the privacy of others’ data c.Denying access to the data is required or authorised by law d.The request is plain frivolous e.Access to such data would divulge a sensitive decision-making process on part of the company 7.If we deny your request to access the data, we would provide a proper reason for the same via email or in writing.

    Changes to the policy

    At Skip Bins Hire, we may change this privacy policy from time to time or whenever deemed necessary. However, we would update the policy on the site accordingly.